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Phaistos Disc, 2nd millennium BC (2000-1000 BC)

Bringing the Ancient World Alive!

Join Dr. Dale Grote & Wesley Callihan in Greece!

Experience the wonder and beauty of western culture with Dr. Dale Grote & Wesley Callihan.

Walk the paths of Paul, Socrates, Plato, Herodotus, and immerse yourself in the ancient world!

October 20 – November 2, 2023

Dale Grote of Empeiria Tours and Education and Wes Callihan of Schola Tutorials are offering a boutique educational tour of Greece in the fall of 2023, well outside of the heat and crowds of the tourist season.

12 Days of Wonder...

Athens, Sounion, Marathon, Kamena Vourla, Thermopylae, Olympia, Vergina, Berea, Meteora, Delphi, Nafplio, Epidaurus, Mycenae, Corinth, Santorini, and more with your guides Dr. Dale Grote and Wesley Callihan!

  • $2500 per person in double occupany, $3200 for single accommodations
  • All accommodations and travel in Greece
  • All meals as stipulated in the itinerary (all breakfasts and most lunches and dinners)
  • All tickets and entrance fees to sites and museums
  • Maximum tour members: 12


October 20 – November 2, 2023

October 20

  • Arrival in the Athens hotel by 5:00 PM
  • Walking tour of the Acropolis area
  • Tour dinner
  • Evening in Athens

October 21

  • Morning tour of the South Slope of the Acropolis, Mars Hill, and the Pnyx
  • Non-Tour lunch followed by afternoon break
  • Late afternoon tour of the National Museum of Athens
  • Tour dinner
  • Second evening in Athens

October 22

  • Morning tour of the Acropolis and the New Museum of the Acropolis
  • Tour lunch followed by afternoon break
  •  Tour of the Agora, Library of Hadrian, Rug seminar at The Loom
  • Tour dinner

October 23

  • Pick up vans in Athens
  •  Travel to Corinth
  •  Tour lunch in Corinth
  • Travel to and tour of Mycenae
  • Travel to Nafplio
  • Tour dinner in Nafplio
  •  Second night in Nafplio

October 24

  • Tour of Epidaurus
  • Free afternoon in Napfplio or optional tours to Dendra, the Heraion, etc.
  •  Tour dinner in Nafplio
  • Second night in Nafplio

October 25

  • Drive to Olympia through Arcadia
  • Non-tour lunch on the road
  • Dinner at Olympia
  • Evening in Olympia

October 26

  • Tour of Olympia
  • Tour Lunch in Olympia
  • Drive to Itea (near Delphi)
  • Tour dinner in Itea
  • Evening in Itea

October 27

  • Tour of Delphi
  • Tour lunch in Arachova
  • Drive to Kalambaka (Meteora)
  • Tour dinner in Kalambaka
  •  Evening in Kalambaka

October 28

  •  Tour of Meteora
  • Tour lunch in Meteora
  • Drive to Vergina (Philip II’s tomb)
  • Tour dinner in Vergina
  • Evening in Vergina

October 29

  • Tour of Philip II’s Tomb
  • Visit to monument to Saint Paul in Berea
  • Non-tour lunch in Berea
  • Drive to Dio (at the foot of Mount Olympus)
  • Tour dinner at Dio
  • Evening at Dio

October 30

  • Tour of Dio
  • Non-tour lunch on the road to Kamena Vourla
  • Drive to Kamena Vourla
  • Visit of the site of Thermopylae
  • Tour dinner at Kamena Vourla
  • Evening at Kamena Vourla

October 31

  • Drive to Athens airport for flight to Santorini
  • Arrival in Santorini
  • Afternoon off
  • Tour dinner in Santorini
  • Evening in Santorini

November 1

  • Tour of the Minoan Museum and Akrotiri
  • Tour lunch at Akrotiri
  • Afternoon free
  • Final tour dinner in Thea (Santorini)

November 2

  • Morning flight to Athens and departures

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 Athens, Delphi, Treasury of Atreus, Isthmus of Corinth, Crete, Corinth, Meteora, Epidaurus, Sounion, Beroea, Marathon, Thermopylae…