Four Pathways from Which to Choose!

Choose from the Educator or Leadership Pathways

Each of these pathways builds upon the previous level AND Leadership Pathways include all courses in the Educator Pathways. Certificates are earned for each pathway and are cumulative in the Leadership Mastery Certificate! 

In order to take the courses for your certification, you will need a subscription to ClassicalU which includes over 90 courses with more to come. You can subscribe to ClassicalU or purchase a Gold Level Membership (if you are part of a Scholé Community) which includes a ClassicalU Subscription!

Find Inspiration, Models, and Help.

Courses Designed for the Classical Community

We designed and selected these courses for the classical home or community educator and leader. Learn from other veteran teachers and leaders who have walked in your shoes.

Learn from Principles to Practice

The courses you will take present the central ideas of pedagogy and leadership and then show you how those ideas are embodied in a class and in a group of parents that comprise your community.

Learn from Experienced Teachers and Leaders

The teachers that make up our faculty have gone where you are going and acquired a great deal of prudential wisdom and skill. They will inspire and instruct you.

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