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Scholé Portuguese Resources

Recursos de Portugues ScholéTodos os recursos e benefícios para sua assinatura clássico Aproveite todos os recursos de associação de nível clássico aqui! Recursos de nível

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Scholé Spanish Resources

Recursos Clásicos de Scholé en EspañolTodos los recursos y beneficios para tu Membresía Clásica ¡Disfruta de todos los recursos de membresía de nivel clásico aquí!

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Find a Scholé Community

Find a Scholé CommunityConnect with Like-minded Educators We’re Closer Than You Think. Learn about Scholé Communities Find a Scholé Community Nearby Navigate the map and

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Not What You Wanted
The Destruction of Narnia

“In the last days of Narnia.” With these words, the final book of the series begins. From the outset, we are not allowed to be ignorant of the fact that this world, a world that we have come to love so deeply and desire so fully that we think of ourselves as Narnians, is going to end.

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Grief is Great
Aslan’s Compassion

Loss is our earliest memory as a race. There was a time before the Fall, a time before we gambled all our happiness in hopes to win a happiness beyond the lot of mortals and discovered that the boundaries set to mortal being are absolute; a time before the terror, astonishment, and above all shame of knowing that we suddenly had a secret from God, one we would give anything not to have to tell Him.

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More than You Thought
The Value of Discontent in a Land of Sin

The Horse and His Boy begins with the boy of the title. Or rather, it doesn’t begin there, but with a short preamble telling us that this story happened during the days of the Pevensie reign. This is the golden age of Narnia, when myth had become fact and all was at last, according to the old rhyme, set to rights.

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