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Dangerous Business: The Self-Emptying God

I would like to start by asking you to consider an incorrect image. Imagine God, before he creates anything. He is not in Heaven, for He has not made it; He is not in space, for it does not yet exist. He is not anywhere, for the idea of place has yet to be created. So you cannot imagine anything outside of Him: you must simply imagine Him, and you are bathed in Him, swimming in the ocean of his being, an ocean with no shores and no surface, for all is submerged.

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Journeying into God

Medieval Christians had the habit of referring to our life in this world as in via, “on a journey,” as opposed to Heaven, where we would be in patria, “in the homeland.” Accordingly, they thought of themselves as viatores, “travelers” or “people of the way.” The Lord’s Supper, which to them was the pinnacle of the grace of God, was called viaticum, “waybread,” “that which sustains the journeyer.”

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Cutting School: Why Classical Schools Fragment Education and Turn Learning into Subjects

In 2012, British author and speaker Sir Ken Robinson delivered a speech at the Richmond Forum on revolutionizing education in America. After hearing his presentation, a student in the audience asked him a question along these lines: “Do you think it wise for us to integrate our studies across the disciplines?” Sir Robinson’s response was that the world is already integrated—it is we who have disintegrated it.

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Love What You are Fitted to Love

This post was originally published on The Saint Constantine School blog on September 13, 2023. There’s a passage from The Lord of the Rings that I’ve been

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The Evangelical Imagination

What is it about so much contemporary “Christian” art that makes it so bad so often? Even the
complaints have become cliché. To be sure, there are many Christian writers and artists today who strive to defy this stereotype and succeed. Nevertheless, Christian art has a problem.

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