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Is Latin a Waste of Time in the 21st Century?

The amount of important information we should know and that would be valuable to know has expanded enormously in the last 100 years. Science and technology have advanced remarkably giving us tremendous tools to improve our lives and work. Many jobs require significant technological skill and specialized training. How will Latin help?

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Summer Latin Practice Ideas

As the annual summer sabbatical sets in, parents often ask me how to help their students keep up with Latin over the summer. The idea is not necessarily to learn new material, but rather to help them maintain the knowledge and reading skills they have gained over the course of the year.

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Defeating Our Mid-Winter Demons

Around mid-February, our family and homeschool community begin to struggle with that demon who seems to especially delight in tormenting students and educators: Slog. Stupider than his colleagues Wormwood and Screwtape, Slog speaks few words to his deceive victims: he simply weighs down the heart of teacher, parent, and student by whispering over and over, “Look how much you have to do.” 

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American College of the Building Arts

American College of the Building Arts (ACBA) is a private four-year liberal arts and sciences college located in Charleston, South Carolina. It is licensed by the South Carolina Commission on Higher Education to grant a Bachelor of Applied Science and an Associate of Applied Science in six craft specializations in the building arts.

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Contentious Content

The Classic Learning Test is a favorite of many traditionally-minded and liberal arts high schools, whose curriculum tends to clash with the Common Core principles embodied in the SAT. It has, therefore, come as a surprise to some people to find that both our testing passages and our recommended author bank include figures like Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, and Friedrich Nietzsche. Surely reading and analyzing works like The Will to Power or The Communist Manifesto is inconsistent with our mission?

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