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Scholé Communities

Homeschools That Are Classical and Restful

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Bring Restful and Classical Learning to Your Homeschool!

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Classical Learning that Is Restful.

Scholé means undistracted time to study the things most worthwhile, usually with friends, often in a beautiful place, and often with food and drink. Let’s bring scholé back to school.

Let's Teach Restfully.

Much of education is fraught with anxiety and worry. 
But we can teach from rest and blend active and contemplative learning.

Restful Learning

Learn how we seek to teach and learn--with peace and from rest.

Classical Learning

Learn about our rich, classical curriculum for students and parents.

Communal Learning

Learn about our communal approach to education and our teacher-training program.

Like teacher, like student

Teaching Begins with the Teacher.

We have partnered with to offer the best training available for classical educators. Grow and learn with over 80 courses designed for teachers like you.

Three Ways to Start

You can begin your journey to restful teaching and learning by joining an existing Scholé Community or starting your own! And you can access practical teacher training online.

Find a Community

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Start a Community

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Get Teacher Training

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Our Communities

Join the renewal of restful, classical education among hundreds of homeschool communities!